New Horizon Company (NHC) is a multifaceted contracting company whose success rests on its highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals. NHC is the expertise to carry out various Construction, Installation and repair jobs. The long year of experience in the field of Piping, electrical civil, Instrumentation and in communication made us one of the best choices for the contractors.

Our business-led approach ensures a performance-driven, motivated, professional workforce supported by end-to-end business processes and a system that creates a knowledge-based culture within the organization. Today, we are winning through our people – making customer satisfaction a reality – and securing long-term business in future through leadership direction, and the diversity of skills and expertise of our people and association

  • Different Civil Activities
  • Steel Structures Installations
  • Piping Installation
  • Mechanical Equipment Installation
  • Electrical & Instrument Activities
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Installation & Repair Jobs

Civil Work

  • Piling and Sheet Piling works
  • Foundations works
  • Pavements (Concrete / Asphalt)
  • RCC Buildings
  • Cooling Towers
  • Stacks and Silos using Slip forming process
  • Cofferdam Construction and water handling
  • Dewatering operations

Mechanical Work

  • Erection of Light, Medium & Heavy Weight Structures.
  • Erection of Stationary and Rotating Equipment's.
  • Installation of Static Equipment's, Pumps, Tanks.
  • Conventional and Laser Alignment of Rotary Equipment.
  • Preparation of Rigging Studies and Heavy Lifts.
  • Erection of Furnaces, Heaters, Boilers etc.
  • Installation of Internals.
  • HVAC work.
  • Catalyst loading

Pipeline Services

  • Erection of pipe spools of Metallic and Non-Metallic.
  • Support, racks/pipe sleepers etc.
  • Test pack preparation
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of piping systems
  • NDT testing deploying approved Third party agency
  • Alignment of rotary equipment with piping

Electrical Services

  • Transformers, Grid Stations
  • Power Generators, Motors, Transmission Lines
  • Power Factor Improvement Systems
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs) and Ring Main Units (RMU)
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Earthing Systems and Lightning Protection System
  • HV, MV and LV Switchgears and Cables
  • Cable Trays, Ducts and Conduits
  • Building Management System
  • Installation of equipment in MCC, Sub Stations, Operator Rooms etc;
  • Cable trenches, sand bedding, meggering and cable pulling
  • Automatic Site Laboratory set up
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