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JICC offer a wide range of Sliding Gates of various designs and sizes. Made of galvanized steel, you can expect strong premium quality gates with great attention to details to create a great stylish and functioning gate for your property.

Sliding gates are generally used for commercial applications, they are a fantastic addition to any residential and business property where efficient use of space is required. They can be easily customised and made from materials such as timber, steel or aluminium. Sliding gates also offer an additional security benefit, as they’re much more difficult to open.

If you’re after a cost-effective automated gate system, a sliding gate is an excellent choice as only one motor is required to service a large opening.


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JICC offer offers a wide and complete range of automation solution for gates, garage doors, barriers, tubular, shutters and integrated systems in the world Home Automation.
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• Product certified and conforms to European safety standards

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Moreover, JICC have a fully automated supply and delivery chain. The wealth of experience accumulated in JICC for managing bulk materials supplies and having vast experience in serving EPC contractors, Engineering companies and Fabricators for their Bulk and Top up requirements for their projects in Saudi Arabia

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